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With our experienced welders, mechanics, technicians & local partners we manage to serve all vessels with below services in extraordinary diligence.

  • Anchor and chain replacement
  • Underwater repairs and inspections
  • Steel and pipes renewal, weldings and fittings
  • Reconditioning of machinery
  • Ship crane repairing
  • Fabrication and manufacturing of parts
  • Hydraulic repairs
  • Bridge equipments repairs and services
  • Rewinding electric motors
  • Ultrasonic thickness tests and crane winch tests
  • Rental Services as a generator, shore cranes and forklift
  • A/C repair and troubleshootings
  • Fire pipe line renewal, repair and reconditionings
  • Surveying of fire fighting equipments and life safety equipments
  • Gas Re-fillings (Oxygene/Acetylene)
  • Hidden Damages Repairs
  • Gangway repair and fabrication
  • Main engine and aux engines overhauling and piston reconditioning




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